For Riders

We understand that you spend much of your hard earned income on keeping your horse and that you want to spend what time you have available enjoying your riding and having quality time with your horse. To this end we aim to be as efficient and flexible as possible so that if you only have an hour and want your horse groomed and tacked up ready to ride, that’s fine, but on the flip side if you would prefer to spend time lingering over grooming and tack cleaning whilst chatting to others over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine on a summer’s evening then that is just fine too.

We have a cosy cabin with a wood burning stove to keep you warm in winter. There is a shower and a loo if you want to ‘de-horse’ before going to work. A coffee machine, kettle, fridge and even an ice machine and a freezer for ice creams and cold drinks in the summer. The whole yard is covered with Wi-Fi internet access for those coffee and catch-up (or work) moments.

Without sounding ‘cheesy’ we are a friendly yard and we like people (almost as much as we like horses!). We don’t have prima donnas and we don’t do bitching. We do do barbeques, drinks, fun days and offer lots of support and encouragement whether you are a nervous novice or an affiliated competition rider.

Your other half is welcome, your dog is welcome, but unfortunately we don’t allow children at the yard.