If you are a serious competition rider, we are within easy reach of various competition centres. Both Wellington and Tweseldown are less than half an hour travel.

Within one hour you can be at Sparsholt, Merrist Wood, BCA and Priory, which run regular (affiliated and unaffiliated) dressage and show-jumping competitions.

Our eventers travel to Larkhill, Hambledon, Tweseldown, BCA, Rackham, Wellington, Farley Hall, Goring Heath and Munstead. Both the M3 and M4 are easily accesable, helping to reduce journey times and those early morning starts!

There are several smaller event centres and local shows within easy reach and most weekends someone is off somewhere, so if you are not already “on the circuit” there are plenty of people who will give you advice and help as to where to go.

If this all sounds a bit daunting and you would prefer to stay at home, then why not try Dressage Anywhere . Two of the organisers (and founder members) are based here at Westfield and are always keen to encourage new members.